4 weeks since the  beginning of the war

“If you are not interested in politics, be sure that it is interested in you and will come to your house with troubles.”

 Natalia Ivannikova (Ukrainian mom, with her children and dog now in Germany).

4 weeks have passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

It is believed that a person gets used to everything.

But you can’t get used to war. 

I have never associated myself with the word “depression”. I don’t want to use it even now.

But the situation has changed all of us. I don’t cry 24/7 (a little bit less), I try not to argue with my friends and relatives (about the causes of the war), I live my almost usual life, but I  don’t pretend that nothing is happening.

Since the beginning of the war I have started following a few new telegram and YouTube channels. There, brave Russian and Ukrainian  journalists talk to politicians , other journalists, and economists about the situation around the war. I really want to hear their predictions about when the war will end. I learned a lot about president Putin. And how he became  president.

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