November is everywhere

Yesterday I wrote a post in Russian.

Just simple “about us”.

Here I will be talking about Tomsk, a little bit about Russia, and about us too. 

November 20th –  the 270th day of war.

The life of Tomsk goes on as usual… or almost as usual.

-Positive daytime temperatures (above 32°F) prevailed in Tomsk until mid-November, the Tom River has not frozen yet. The cold snap began on Thursday, on Friday morning it was – 20°C (-4°F) in the city.

Cloudy weather with clarifications, gusty winds and -11-13°C are expected in Tomsk on Saturday, light snow is possible.

It’s November there now. The falling snow will no longer melt, but will accumulate until April.

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November, Tomsk news

Saturday. Evening. Local weather – “flying chairs”. But just a couple of hours ago (at work) I was thinking about washing the windows… again…for the hundredth time this autumn. But in this weather it’s pointless.

In fact, it’s a sin to complain about the weather: it’s warm, of course rainy, windy, but warm. We have only seen frost a couple of times so far. 

The weather is getting warmer not only in New Bedford. Daniel read on the Internet that the melting of permafrost causes explosions of underground accumulations of natural gas on the Yamal Peninsula and other regions in northwest Siberia. As a result, huge craters are formed.

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