Visa-free from Russia

My husband showed me an article on Yahoo about pregnant Russian women leaving the country to give birth in Argentina.

I looked into the Internet, and.. Almost every media has its own version on this topic.

In short,

Thousands of pregnant Russian women and their partners have been migrating to Argentina since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The migration services of Argentina claim that since the beginning of the SMO (in Ukraine)  and until mid-February 2023, almost 11,000 Russian women and about 11,400 men have arrived in the country. There are no statistics on how many women were pregnant. But, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health reported that 85 out of 985 births last year, or 8.6%, were to Russian women in its best public hospital. This year through February 14, 38 out of 168 births, or 22.6%, were babies born to Russian women.

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