Краткий обзор июля

Фото космоса нет…

Давно мечтали о полете в космос? Всего за 28 млн долларов прекрасная ракета унесет вас с Земли.

Две компании Blue Origin (основатель Jeff Bezos) и Virgin Galactic (основатель Richard Branson)  всерьез задумались о космическом туризме. 

Вы наверное видели в новостях, что Ричард Брэнсон с тремя коллегами поднялись на высоту 53 мили над землей. Насколько я понимаю, они не покинули пределы нашей атмосферы, но испытали невесомость и лицезрели прекрасный вид. 

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July brief overview

I have no photos of space…

Have you ever dreamed of flying into space? For just $ 28 million, a beautiful rocket will take you off the Earth.

Two companies Blue Origin (founder Jeff Bezos) and Virgin Galactic (founder Richard Branson) have seriously thought about space tourism.

You probably saw on the news that Richard Branson and three of his colleagues climbed to about 53 miles above the earth. As far as I understand, they did not leave the limits of our atmosphere, but they experienced weightlessness and enjoyed panoramic views of the Earth and space

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Гостья второго эпизода моего шоу, Мария, разместила видео этого шоу в своем Инстаграме. И получила комментарии … о моем акценте. 

Оказывается, после 8 лет проживания в Америке, у меня не должно быть русского акцента. Правда? 

Я рассказала мужу, он громко посмеялся. Акцент-привычное явление в его жизни, у его мамы был французский.

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Maria was a guest on my second talk show. She posted our video on her Instagram and  got a comment … about my accent. It turns out that after 8 years of living in America, I should not have a Russian accent. Really?

I told my husband, and he laughed out loud. The accent is a familiar phenomenon in his life. His mother spoke with a French one.

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Никогда не знаешь

Никогда не знаешь, где и когда произойдет встреча с удивительным. 

Но я сейчас нахожусь в поиске…интересных людей для своего ток шоу. И как поется в песне, “кто ищет, тот всегда найдет”. 

Я увидела пост Марии о медитации, недолго думая, позвала ее на свое ток шоу, а потом испугалась – а вдруг согласится?! 

В общем, мыслей и страхов было много (у меня). 

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You never know

You never know where and when you will  meet the amazing . 

But I’m currently in search of … interesting people for my talk show. And as people say, “Who seeks shall find”.

I saw Maria’s post about meditation, without thinking twice, I invited her to my talk show, and then I was afraid – what if she agrees?! 

In general, there were a lot of thoughts and fears (for me). 

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The best ad

I received a no-reply email fromCallie Scheweitzer. She asked, what is the best ad you’ve ever seen? What made it memorable?

I’m sure you haven’t seen that ad. First of all, it was a few years ago. Second, it was in Russia.

I didn’t even remember the whole ad, but only the words. So, I found a video on youtube

And here is a story.

A bicyclist chases the leopard, catches up and takes a can of soda out of its mouth. 

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The big shift

I received a no-reply email from Andrew Seaman, an editor at LinkedIn News, with a question:

What’s your advice for people making a shift right now — whether it’s landing a new job or making a career pivot? What’s the best advice you’ve received when it comes to making a job move?

Here are my thoughts. 

For 15 long years in my previous marriage, I dreamed of divorce. I waited and waited for the right moment. But there were always circumstances and obstacles. At some point, I realized that this was never going to be the right time, and I just filed for divorce.

If you think that marriage and work have nothing in common, you are wrong. They are both an important part of our lives.

We often sense that something is wrong. We can even understand that it would be nice to change jobs. But we don’t do that. Once again, we’re waiting for the perfect moment. And to be honest, it’s scary. Right?

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Tomsk, still June news.

According to the web site stopkoronavirus.rf, on June 28 there were 63 new cases of COVID-19 in the Tomsk region. Compared to the data for June 6 with only 30 new cases, there is a big increase. 

Earlier it was reported that as of June 28, 34,028 people have been infected with a new coronavirus infection in the Tomsk Region since the beginning of the pandemic, 32,397 patients have recovered, 468 have died. In June, the region resumed an increase in the incidence of coronavirus, a weekly increase of about 20%.

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