My life is a steeplechase

Today I drank coffee in the morning and thought of my life. Yesterday once again there was this feeling. I don’t like it; I try not to even think about it. But it comes. It comes with understanding, that I’m a stranger here.

It happens although I try hard to get accustomed. I try to quickly master the American lifestyle, traditions, everyday life, communication, culture. I’m in a hurry to understand everything that Americans learn throughout their lives. I try to learn everything the sooner the better.

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Old friends I keep

 Dedicated to friends 

Many years ago in Russia, people did not go to see psychologists. Women met in the kitchens and men in garages. It was there among friends they could share their grief, hear words of support, and maybe advice.

Who chooses friends for us? Universe, circumstances, fate? 

Maybe it’s all together?

There were three friends (female). They were close in age, married, had two children, lived in the same neighborhood.They walked with the children in the same Playground. And in bad weather days they met in the kitchen. They were similar but had different views on life, hobbies and interests..

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Моя осень в фотографиях

Я родилась прекрасным майским утром. Но очень нежно люблю осень.

Это началось еще в детстве. В отличие от других детей я ждала 1 сентября и начала

 учебного года. 

 С годами любовь к осени только усилилась. Считаю ее самым красивым и комфортным временем года. 

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My Autumn in photos

I was born on a beautiful May morning. But my favorite time of year is charming Autumn.

It started when I was a child. Unlike other children I waited for September 1 and the beginning of the academic year. 

 Over the years, my love to Autumn only intensified. I consider it the most beautiful and comfortable time of the year.

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Верится с трудом

8 утра. Нью Бедфорд. 

Я иду по знакомым уже улицам, рассматриваю витрины (в центре города часто что-то меняется). 

Навстречу кто-то улыбается, кто-то не обращает внимания. Один старенький бомж (а может и не бомж, а просто так выглядит) пожелал доброго утра. 

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Книги, путешествующие со мной

6 лет назад я приехала в Америку с одним чемоданом. Но предварительно я отправила в Штаты посылку с книгами. Что это были за книги?

  • Practical English usage
  • English the American way
  • Correct your English errors
  • М.Ю. Лермонтов Стихи и поэмы
  • Томские трущобы
  • Бегущая с волками

Practical English usage (Michael Swan). Эту книгу я купила в Томске, когда решила серьезно заняться английским. Помню, что меня удивили цены в этом магазине: две книги стоили как одни джинсы. Победили книги. Правда, с собой привезла только одну из них.

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Books that traveled with me

6 years ago I came to America with one suitcase. But first I sent a parcel to the U. S. with books. What were those books?

  • Practical English Usage
  • Correct your English errors
  • English the American way
  • Woman who run with the wolves
  • Tomsk slums
  • Mtsyri (Novice)
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My Cozy Morning

5:30 in the morning. I am taking a dog for a walk.

 There are a few reasons for such an early walk:

  1. In dark you don’t meet too many owners taking their dogs for a walk. So Crackle wouldn’t go crazy and bark.

2. In the evenings I may be tired for a walk.

3. “The demons don’t like fresh air”, David Sedaris. It’s a good time to make my thoughts clear. 

So, 5:30 am  – dark, quiet, not  warm. 

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