Вечерние заметки, 3

-Вы говорите с акцентом. Откуда вы? – спросил посетитель.

-Из Европы, – закатив глаза (ну опять), ответила я.

Посетитель повернулся к двери, собираясь уходить, но понял, что не услышал ответа и спросил опять: из какой части Европы?

-Из холодной – был ответ.

Он понял, что ответа не услышит и ушел.

Дома рассказала мужу. Он:  “ну сказала бы, что ты из Швеции”.

Я не хочу и не люблю врать без особой необходимости. 

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Evening notes, 3

-You speak with an accent. Where are you from?- the visitor asked.

-From Europe – I replied, rolling my eyes (here we go again).

The visitor turned to the door, about to leave, but realized that he had not heard the answer and asked again: from which part of Europe?

-From the cold – was the answer.

He realized that he would not get an answer and left.

I told my husband at home. He said: “Well, you could say that you are from Sweden.”

I don’t want to and don’t like to lie unnecessarily.

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4 weeks since the  beginning of the war

“If you are not interested in politics, be sure that it is interested in you and will come to your house with troubles.”

 Natalia Ivannikova (Ukrainian mom, with her children and dog now in Germany).

4 weeks have passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

It is believed that a person gets used to everything.

But you can’t get used to war. 

I have never associated myself with the word “depression”. I don’t want to use it even now.

But the situation has changed all of us. I don’t cry 24/7 (a little bit less), I try not to argue with my friends and relatives (about the causes of the war), I live my almost usual life, but I  don’t pretend that nothing is happening.

Since the beginning of the war I have started following a few new telegram and YouTube channels. There, brave Russian and Ukrainian  journalists talk to politicians , other journalists, and economists about the situation around the war. I really want to hear their predictions about when the war will end. I learned a lot about president Putin. And how he became  president.

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17 марта, 3 недели

Ты почему перестала блог на русском вести? – спросил знакомый подписчик.

А что писать? И главное как?

Если шоковое состояние, начавшееся 24 февраля, так и не проходит.

За эти три шоковые недели я поняла точку зрения моих семьи и друзей. И чтобы с ними не поругаться, решила помолчать “в тряпочку”*. По крайней мере пока не спросят.

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who to support, who to believe…

Every day my colleagues and library visitors (fortunately, not all) ask “how are you doing? How are your family and friends in Russia?” And I appreciate it.

But I really don’t know what and how to answer.

The fact is that my Russian friends and family (although not all of them) are much more calm than I am.

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Feb 24, scary.

I was surprised by messages from people with whom I rarely correspond. Both asked about my opinion about the events in Russia. And not only my opinion – the opinion of my family, friends.

6 am, just opened my eyes, what’s going on?

I’d rather not know…

For the first time in my almost 50 years, I am very scared.

Not for myself, but for the boys, for the sons, for their mothers.

What’s happening? And most importantly – why?

21st century. Russia. War. Is this what my grandfathers died for?

How to work today if my eyes are red from tears?

For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed that I’m Russian.

All today’s flights from Moscow to the southern regions of the country have been canceled. Russian authorities have temporarily restricted flights to Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov, Lipetsk, Belgorod, Simferopol, Gelendzhik, Stavropol, Astrakhan.

It is unknown when flights will resume.

In the Belgorod and Bryansk regions, education in kindergartens and schools on the border with Ukraine has been suspended.

Sberbank is included in the list of blocking US sanctions. The Sberbank suspended operations with all securities.

Several Tomichs came out with posters to Novosobornaya Square against the war in Ukraine.

I wish everyone a peaceful sky.

Invitation to “Russian Speaks”

I am looking for new amazing  guests to be on my show “Russian Speaks”. 

Russian Speaks is a series of meetings with interesting people.

You can be an entrepreneur or a driven employee, you can be someone who has just changed careers, or someone who is a professional with many years of experience. 

I’m interested in how you became who you are.

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Уже Февральские Новости

В этом году у нас по-настоящему зимняя зима. 

Конечно близость океана минимизирует возможность выпадения осадков в виде снега, но не исключает. 

После снежной бури Кенон мы прошли через солнце, дождь, ледяной дождь, опять дождь и немного снега.  В субботу (12 февраля) было +15°С,  а в воскресенье может выпасть снег. Одно слово “Новая Англия”, погода меняется часто.

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Мыши и кролики

или кто живет в вашем саду?

-Куда ты собираешься?- спросил Дэниел, когда я натягивала куртку на толстовку.

-Кормить кроликов – ответила я.

И действительно, куда можно пойти в домашних штанах с начесом, толстовке с капюшоном на голове и осенней куртке в минусовую погоду и без макияжа. (хотя таким видом здесь никого не удивишь). 

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Mice and rabbits

or who/what lives in your garden?

-Where are you going?- Daniel asked as I struggled with a jacket over my hoodie.

-Feed the rabbits, – I replied.

And indeed, where can you go wearing home- fleece- sweatpants, hoodies with a hood on your head and a thin jacket in sub-zero weather and without makeup?

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