Vacation in Washington, DC

The longer I don’t write, the harder it is to start a new post.

Worrying about how good or bad (sad) a topic of the post is, I forget that my blog is about me and my life in immigration. Technically, I can write anything. Realistically, I may lose my 23 subscribers.

But I will take a risk. 

Here we go…

How was your vacation?- people. 

Wonderful! I couldn’t wait to get home – I.

Both statements are true.

In the last week of September my husband and I went on vacation to Washington, DC. For the whole 5 days (minus 2 on the road) away from New Bedford, our jobs, our dog and routine.

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September – extended summer

The capital of Mississippi is facing numerous water problems — there’s been too much on the ground after heavy rainfall in the past week, and not enough clean water coming through the pipes for people to use.

And there is not even a Tomskvodokanal* there.

Since the pipelines are very old and worn out, pipe breaks occur constantly. In the summer, Tomskvodokanal is trying to perform at least some repairs. Therefore, the water in Tomsk is turned off often and for a long time and not always in accordance with the shutdown schedule. Tomskvodokanal publishes information about where and when cold water will be turned off.

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