Post of pride

” I probably did something right in my life, ” I thought after reading a short post on my son’s Instagram, the eldest son.

My eldest son’s name is Slava (full name Vyacheslav). He has my face, as Daniel said,  short stature, and medium build. Slava is like me, but he is smarter, braver, and more purposeful. Maybe he’s more pragmatic. He is able to adapt to the surrounding reality and survive in our imperfect world. He liked animals, especially dogs. 

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Volunteering and volunteers in Tomsk.

-I’m not rich enough to work for free,- Arina said when I suggested she find a volunteer job. 

I thought, ” typical Russian mentality”, and didn’t return to this conversation.

Volunteering is very common in the United States, unlike in Russia. I don’t remember hearing about the volunteer movement in Russia before the pandemic.

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about old times and vehicles

inspired by a conversation with my son

Have you ever driven a car with the steering wheel on the right side? In the US?

There are 76 countries with left-hand traffic (that is, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car). and America is not one of them.

My friend Marina and old-old car
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