Финляндия – страна моей мечты

Когда вы слышите слово Финляндия, что приходит на ум? Снег? Хоккей? Мороз? Комары? Лед? Олени?

Для меня – это страна моей мечты. Почему? Просто потому, что это близко к России.

Честно говоря, я ничего не знала об этой стране, поэтому  решила поискать информацию. Предлагаю вашему вниманию результат. Я понимаю и уважаю, что у вас может быть другое мнение.

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Finland is the country of my dream

When you hear the word Finland, what comes to mind? Snow? Hockey? Cold? Mosquitoes? Ice? Reindeer?

To me, it is the country of my dream. Why? Just because it’s close to Russia.

To be honest, I didn’t know anything about this country. So, I decided to search. Here we go, my summary to your attention. I believe that someone else may have another opinion.

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My trip to Seattle


Do you like to travel? I really love it but I have to work. So, what can I do? Only remember. Please, join me. Let’s go back to February 2018.

If you want to travel independent be ready to get wet in the rain.

That’s how my adventure began. Although actually it started with a desire to go for vacation, to see my friend, and to see new places. And then in February it all came together. A way from New Bedford, MA to Seattle, WA took a whole day (from 12pm to 10 pm). Don’t forget a difference in time between these two cities. The flight was tedious and confusing.

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