Impossible to forget

August 9, the 167th day of the war

Yesterday’s Apple news started off with a post about The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station.

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in southeastern Ukraine is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and among the 10 largest in the world. It was built by the Soviet Union near the city of Enerhodar, on the southern shore of the Kakhovka Reservoir on the Dnieper river.

I didn’t know that. Really I cannot know everything about everything. I even don’t know geography well. I’m learning it with my life.

I looked it up online.

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17 Апреля, 2022

…53-ий день войны

Воскресенье, католическая Пасха, наступает весна, мы купили дрова.

Начать хочу с поздравления всех католиков с католической пасхой, а православных – с вербным воскресеньем.

Когда-то в другой жизни (в детстве) мама запрещала в эти дни шить/вязать/мыть полы…

Сейчас наши с Дэном мамы в лучшем мире, поэтому мы смело греховодничаем: он складывает дрова, возится в огороде, я – в перерывах межде приготовлением праздничного обеда вяжу/шью/ стираю (стиральной машинкой).

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April 11, 2022

47th day of the war

Before the beginning  of the war I started my day of scrolling Instagram or FB.

Now I start and end my day with YouTube. I follow “Popular politics”, Живой гвоздь (Live Nail), Yuri Shvets,  Maйкл Наки (Michael Naki), ICTV TV Channel, Alexey Arestovich, Ivan Yakovina, Dmitry Gordon. I listen to the opinions of Valery Solovey (political scientist), Dmitry Potapenko (businessman and economist) and Grigory Yudin (political scientist) and others.

It’s getting a little overwhelming.

I am confused about the channels, ranks/ specialties of the guests, I no longer remember which Minister of Military Affairs of Russia was a simple driver during his service in the army. But I watch/listen and try to figure it out.

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4 weeks since the  beginning of the war

“If you are not interested in politics, be sure that it is interested in you and will come to your house with troubles.”

 Natalia Ivannikova (Ukrainian mom, with her children and dog now in Germany).

4 weeks have passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

It is believed that a person gets used to everything.

But you can’t get used to war. 

I have never associated myself with the word “depression”. I don’t want to use it even now.

But the situation has changed all of us. I don’t cry 24/7 (a little bit less), I try not to argue with my friends and relatives (about the causes of the war), I live my almost usual life, but I  don’t pretend that nothing is happening.

Since the beginning of the war I have started following a few new telegram and YouTube channels. There, brave Russian and Ukrainian  journalists talk to politicians , other journalists, and economists about the situation around the war. I really want to hear their predictions about when the war will end. I learned a lot about president Putin. And how he became  president.

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who to support, who to believe…

Every day my colleagues and library visitors (fortunately, not all) ask “how are you doing? How are your family and friends in Russia?” And I appreciate it.

But I really don’t know what and how to answer.

The fact is that my Russian friends and family (although not all of them) are much more calm than I am.

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