Ten things that make me happy

In these difficult times, we have to adapt to new realities. Someone does not go out for weeks, someone walks every day, someone still goes to work, someone helps friends and neighbors, and someone does not believe that this is all serious. We do everything as we see fit. I really appreciate the work of the first responders and wish them all the best. But I am a little bit overwhelmed with these coronavirus’ news. 

Today I took a break from making masks for frontline people.

Here we go, 

10 things that make me happy. 
  1. My kids

When I was 16 years old, I dreamed of having 4 sons. “4 ” because it was my favorite #. And sons, because I always liked boys better than girls. I actually have two boys. They are adults and independent people. They live in Russia. I pray for them, worry about them, and love them forever. I don’t know how good a mom I am. But I’m happy to have them.

2. My husband

Almost every Russian woman wants to be married. This is like a national woman’s custom – the desire to get married. My niece (29 yo) was married officially 3 times. Now she lives with a boyfriend. But I’m sure she would love to call him “husband”. 

So, I must be happy by definition, and I am, even though my lovely husband is not Finn. (I had a dream to marry a finn guy LOL). My American husband gave me a new life with all these new experiences, emotions, empressions, ups and downs. 

3. My home.

There is an expression: “Home is not where you were born,  but where you stopped trying to escape from”. Our little house is a place where I feel like it’s my home. I love it how it is, and I’m happy.

4. My friends and family. 

I am grateful to my Russian family for communicating with me still, and an American family for accepting me. Without them,  my life in immigration would have been much harder. We don’t speak and/or gather together often, but I’m happy to know that I have my families. 

I consider myself a lucky person because I meet good people and have many friends. I love all my Russian, American, Australian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Moldovan, Dutch, Chinese,  and Iranian friends friends. Did I forget anyone?

5. The moment when my dog Crackle sleeps

I admire seeing dog heads sticking out of cars passing by. I would like to take Crackle with me wherever dogs are allowed. But it’s impossible. Crackle had a hard life when he was a puppy. Neither  my husband nor I have the talent to break his old habits. So, Daniel loves Crackle the way he is, and I’m happy when he’s asleep. 

6. Live music

I’m not a music expert. I don’t have a favorite band or artist. I usually like everything I can dance to. But the live performances give me an indescribable feeling of happiness. Have you ever listened to Pyotr Dranga (Russian accordionist and singer, created a new genre which revived forgotten accordion to the Russian stage. ), Didula ( Soviet and Belarusian guitar virtuoso, composer, arranger, music producer, leader of the DiDuLa band)? You may know gorgeous Sarah Brightman (Soprano). If you live in New Bedford you may be familiar with the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra and music Director and conductor Yaniv Dinur. I’ve been to the Zeiterion Theatre several times and enjoyed it every single time! Live music and performances as musicals make me happy. 

7. The ocean.

I was born in continental part of the Earth. I haven’t  seen any sea in my life. Seaweed on the beach, cheeky gulls the size of chickens, the smell of salty fish, waves, wind, the sound of surf and water to the horizon. Daniel took me to the beach on my first day here. And I fell in love with the ocean immediately and forever.

8. Having meal outside

I don’t know why it makes me happy. Every winter I look forward to this moment. I don’t mind wearing a hoodie, just being outside in the sun, having Breakfast, drinking tea or a glass of wine – I will accept any scenario. In Russia, I could only do this in the spring, before the beginning of the mosquito season. Here I try to do this as often as possible. This year, it feels like April has forgotten that it’s spring.

 9. Writing my blog

I created my blog two years ago. I set up everything by myself (with youtube tutorials though), and I am very proud about that. Of course, I’m not a writer and I don’t dream of writing a book (no way!). But somehow writing has become an important part of my life. With all my jobs, activities and hobbies it takes me awhile to finish an article. But it’s worth it . The moment when I click the Publish button makes me really happy. 

10. Being myself

For many years I pretended to be an ideal wife. My ex-husband tried to change me into something that I was not. I understood it late. But later is better than never. With my American husband I’m back to myself again. I can be silly, sad, stubborn, bossy, scared or brave. He takes me in any my moods and conditions. I don’t have to feign and lie. I am happy being myself. 

These are some things, but not the  only ones that make me happy. I should mention books, trips, working out, Autumn, knitting and sewing, etc….. I just want to click a Publish button))))

What are your 10 (5, 3, 1) things that make you happy? Please, share.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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  1. What a great list of things that make you happy. Being grateful everyday is a staple to a fulfilled life. Glad to call you a friend! 💕

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