The Fifth Anniversary of Arrival, looking back

Is 5 years a short or long period of life? It depends on many factors. Maybe there’s no right answer or in other words, all answers are right.

On October 20, 2013

I crossed the border of the country, which became my new home. Brave I was heading towards my new life, and was not afraid at all. Thinking I knew English and would be able to adapt quickly.

In fact, it turned out that I understood only every third word, I didn’t know the names of the products, I didn’t know how to cook American food and in general …..there was no buckwheat in the stores and butter tasted like margarine.

Time flies. It has been 5 years since I’ve been here. There’s not so many “don’t know” in my life.

Today I would like to share with some quotes from the letters to my friends. (I translated them for you)

11/27/2013 to Natasha

“…I didn’t write to you for a while… So now I do not even know where to start from…

…Americans are all obsessed with money saving, but it’s right. Back in Tomsk I tried to save on grocery as well, but to see an economical man is unusual to me. Russians are also accustomed to the fact that Americans are rich. Yes, they make more money (‘more’ comparing to Russians), but they have bigger expenses. Utility is expensive. We haven’t turned on the heating yet. The thermostat is at 62 degrees Fahrenheit. If it gets colder at night, the heating turns on, the water runs through the pipes. During the day we usually use the fireplace to warm our house. Just because home heating is very expensive.

The groceries are not cheap either. Every Wednesday we get advertising Newspapers from supermarkets, which indicate discounts, special offers. We study them and decide what to buy. We try to buy everything with discounts……

What else?… in order to visit a friend you have to make an ‘appointment’. You can’t just come over to somebody’s house. But on the street people are very friendly, they smile and give you a way.. Americans like to go out to eat. Very often they leave restaurants with containers with leftovers. I didn’t know I could take the leftovers home. Remember the song: ” if You invite me to the restaurant, I’ll wear all the best clothes at once..”? Some Americans wear hoodies to a restaurant. I am afraid to shock them by wearing a skirt.

I do not miss Russia. The US is not a magical country. But here I have a man who cares about me, with whom I can talk to, I have a house, that is very important for a woman, and I have a hope of being happy…”

11/28/2013 to Natasha

“…. We just got home from Thanksgiving dinner with his family… we drove about an hour and a half. As we drove through Boston, Daniel showed me the University building where he was studying. Then I saw the Ocean, and once again caught myself thinking that I cannot believe that all this is happening to me: another country, another man and the Ocean! I told Daniel my thoughts he was smiling….”


To be continued…

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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