Tomsk June news

June 7 was the Tomsk 417th Anniversary. 

Public utilities start turning off hot water in apartments.

Tomsk Airport will resume flights to international destinations from June 10.

Another 30 Tomsk residents became infected with covid-19 (June 6), according to data published on the website stopkoronavirus.rf.

Earlier it was reported that in the Tomsk region from the beginning of the pandemic to June 6, 33,037 cases of COVID-19 were registered, 31,846 people recovered, 440 – died.

what changes in Russia since the first of June
Tomsk State University


On June 1, the new law on education comes into force.

Currently, municipal and local self-government authorities, individuals, as well as self employed individuals can carry out educational activities.

Since June 1, the regulatory authorities have the right to decide which educational activities can lead to incitement to social, racial, national or religious discord, and to prohibit such activities.

Often individual entrepreneurs are engaged in tutoring. Bloggers conduct training courses. With the introduction of the new law, will they have to ask for permission to conduct courses? I don’t think they know what their job will  look like.


From June 1, sugar prices may rise in the country.

In 1998 Russia experienced monetary reform. The government decided to do that because prices had been skyrocketing in Russia over the previous few years.People owned millions of rubles but were still poor.

The appearance of the new banknotes after the denomination did not change, but only the face value of the zeros was removed, with a new ruble being worth 1000 old ones.

There was a return to the familiar monetary system.

But prices go up all the time. Gas, groceries, utility bills, bus tickets. 

Do you remember last year, during the lockdown, gas was very cheap? Not in Russia though. It doesn’t matter: winter or summer, pandemic  or harvesting the crop, the price of gas in Russia is always rising.

The same with groceries. 

For this reason, at the beginning of the pandemic, the Russian government banned price increases for sugar and some other food products. But prices still rose.

The ban was supposed to end on June 1. I’m afraid to imagine what might happen now.

At the same time, from June 5 to August 31, the country will have a ban on the export of buckwheat.  It is assumed that the ban on the export of buckwheat abroad will keep prices at the same level within the country. That is hard to believe.

Should I go to Boston again and buy more of my favorite cereal?

Military Medical commissions 

From June, conscripts who have a deferral from service in the army not for health reasons will be released from regular medical examinations.

You may not know that Russian boys aged 18 have to go to the army for a year. 

Not everyone wants to do this. Russian army is not a safe place.

There are three ways to stay home:

  1. To be sick
  2. To go to school (University. This will delay the date, and the boy may or may not serve as an officer. It depends on the circumstances)
  3. To hide

Each city has its own military medical institutions.

Each boy has to have a military ID card with the information of the place of service or state of his health. For sick boys it can take forever to get a paper work done. 

Another thing is that military doctors don’t want to see kids’ illnesses, especially in time for  military conscription. Medical and military personnel of the Tomsk Commissariat try to get as many boys as possible to the recruiting stations. But there is a next level of examination of the boys’ health – a military station in Predtechensky (a village near Tomsk). 

I will tell you a story.

Imagine a village. Russian village. One-story houses along long wide streets. The well. Piles of firewood near each house. The cows go to the field in the morning and back home in the evening. Sounds of chickens and geese from the backyards. Potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and other vegetables grow in the big gardens behind houses. 

If someone gets married the entire street gathers together to celebrate. The same thing if someone’s son goes to the army. 

One boy, Aleksey, was going to join the army. His family had a big celebration. 

Early in the morning, Aleksey, alone with other boys from that village, got on the bus and went to Predtechensky. Aleksey didn’t say good bye to his father. The father was still drunk and couldn’t get up. But when he finally woke up, his son was back home. The father was shocked. The relatives laughed at him: you’ve been  asleep for an entire year!

In fact, doctores from the military station in Predtechensky found out that Aleksey’s health was not good enough for the army, and sent him home.

Lucky him!

By the way, my sons didn’t join the army either. They weren’t hiding. They, like Alexey, have some health problems.


Illegal immigrants must legalize their status by June 15. Otherwise they may face deportation. 

Tomsk news 

-Paleontologists of Tomsk State University (TSU) during a joint expedition with colleagues from two other Siberian universities found mammoth bones.

Since 2015, TSU paleontologists have been working in the Wolf’s Mane tract in the south of the Novosibirsk region. According to scientists, this area was one of the last habitats of mammoths.

-The Educational Center of Tomsk State University (TSU) has launched a series of open video lectures about happiness. Scientists consider the state of happiness from a scientific point of view.

A lecturer from St. Petersburg will help students to immerse themselves in the “science of happiness”- they say on

I wonder which is more important-to immerse yourself in the science of happiness or just to be happy?

Being Russian, I have my own opinion about the state of happiness. It’s about food on the table, enough money for utilities, clothes and vacations, and, of course, health.

-Meteorologists  predict warm and rainy weather in Tomsk in the beginning of June. 

Russians have an expression: there is no bad weather, there are not enough clothes.

Happy birthday to you, rainy Tomsk!

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