Tomsk news, April, 2021

 The ice drift began, the Water Utility turned off the water supply.


Every year in April, Tomsk residents expect the most spectacular natural phenomenon – an ice drift on the Tom river. The ice drift brings people to the embankment and the cold weather to the region.

As well as flooding of some villages located close to the river.

The townspeople love to watch the ice movement and come to the shore with their families. Some climb on the ice hummocks.

On April 17, a 33-year-old woman walked on the ice floes to take a selfie. One of the ice floes broke off the shore, and the woman swam away on it. Rescuers of the Tomsk region together with firefighters brought her to the shore . And then to the hospital with a preliminary diagnosis of hypothermia.

Personally, I would have made a different diagnosis….

Also, every year the city Water Utility Company turns off the water. 

Every summer, the hot water supply is turned off, referring to planned repairs. Sometimes cold water is turned off. So in April, in two districts of the city, there was no water for 2 and a half days (April 23-25). 

My sister started talking about it a month ago. She was worried about whether she would be able to get enough water for her household needs and how her duties at work would change. 

People were so concerned about this planned renovation that they forgot about their other problems (for example, price increasing). Or maybe the water is turned off specifically to switch attention?

To other news…

-Not all Tomsk residents are concerned about the rising prices.

Government officials and self-employed filed their tax returns. 

You will not believe what smart people live in the Tomsk region! 

The governor’s wife earned 140 million rubles in 2020. Her income for 2019 was 440 thousand rubles. In the comments to the post about her income, she was called “brilliant”. 

How is  this possible? What kind of business can people run or what can they sell in order to get such income? 

For comparison, my sister’s monthly salary is 14,000 rubles (168,000 rubles per year). My former colleague in a clothing store makes an average of 25,000 rubles a month (300,000 rubles per year). You can do your own conclusions. 

The governor Sergey Zhvachkin earned 16 million rubles, the same as last year. 

In Russia, the President chooses the governors from the candidates proposed by the ruling party. Again, you can draw conclusions.

-Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday declared May 4-7 days off. Thus, he connected the two May holidays together.

In early May, Russia celebrates Labor Day (May 1, 2) and Victory Day (May 9). 

This year, the weekend will look like a mini-vacation from May 1 to May 10. Naturally, no one will be paid a salary. Offices, state institutions and factories will be closed. Shops, restaurants, and movie theaters will be open as usual.

-On April 21, a protest rally in support of Navalny took place in Tomsk. 1300 people took part in it, 30 were arrested. Some detainees have already been convicted and received 25-30 days of arrest for violating the order of organizing/holding rallies. For example, the deputy Andrey Fateev was arrested for the action, for which he was not present.

It also happens.

Coronavirus news…

Over the past day, 24 new cases of COVID-19 infection have been identified in Tomsk. 

In the Tomsk region since the beginning of the pandemic on 24 April, there were 31 979 cases of COVID-19, 31 040 recovered, 386 died.  

Many of Tomsk residents did not believe in the disease for a long time. They followed the restrictions, not considering them effective. And only when friends/relatives / acquaintances began to get sick, people began to take the facts more seriously. 

24 new cases a day in Tomsk (population 576,624 people) are not many compared to New Bedford 36 new cases a day (population 95,347 people). 

But when your loved one dies, the numbers don’t mean anything anymore. In early April, my niece’s father died of complications from COVID. He was divorced from my sister for a long time, but kept in touch with his daughter. He was not yet 60 years old.

Vaccination in Tomsk…

Vaccination is slower than planned. On TV, politicians urge people to sign up for vaccinations, but often this is not possible. Long waiting lists due to lack of vaccines.

As of April 20, 61,151 people were vaccinated with the first component of the Sputnik-V vaccine, and 36,655 people received two injections. That made about 6% of the population* fully vaccinated.  If I’m not mistaken, in New Bedford, 17% of the population are vaccinated.

About the weather…

After a drop in temperature and a strong wind (due to ice drift), warm ( 55° F) sunny weather came to the region.

A short video from my youngest son. Ice drift in Tomsk.

* As of January 1, 2021, 1,070,000 people live in the Tomsk region.

Materials of Ria Tomsk were used

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