Tomsk, still June news.

According to the web site stopkoronavirus.rf, on June 28 there were 63 new cases of COVID-19 in the Tomsk region. Compared to the data for June 6 with only 30 new cases, there is a big increase. 

Earlier it was reported that as of June 28, 34,028 people have been infected with a new coronavirus infection in the Tomsk Region since the beginning of the pandemic, 32,397 patients have recovered, 468 have died. In June, the region resumed an increase in the incidence of coronavirus, a weekly increase of about 20%.

According to the Head of the Medical Prevention Department of the Regional Department of Health  Rimma Voloshina, the Tomsk region’s population over the age of 18 is about 830 thousand people. In order to develop collective immunity at least 60% of the population must be vaccinated, it is about 506 thousand people. Of those 506 thousand, 101 thousand are fully vaccinated. As you can see it’s about one-fifth. 

I’ve heard that some businesses require their employees to get vaccinated. So we will see how it goes.

Officials say there are 39 vaccination places in the region. 

On June 28, a respiratory hospital for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 was opened at the Sports Palace.The Palace of Spectacles and Sport  was built in 1970 on the site of the Tomsk horse Racetrack. It is possible to hold sports competitions or a colorful ballroom dancing competition, a concert performance and a thematic exhibition. In history, there was a time when the Sports Palace looked like a huge shopping center. It seems like not any more.

Initially the Governor Sergei Zhvachkin planned to open that temporary hospital in February. 

87 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget for these purposes.

“It is time to open it (the hospital) so that other medical institutions of the city continue to provide planned care not related to the coronavirus, ” Zhvachkin said.

Ria Tomsk reports that the observatory for contacts with the COVID-19 patients has again become in demand: today 32 people are in self-isolation in it. It’s located on the basic of the Tom Center near Tomsk and accommodates people who do not have symptoms of the disease and do not need inpatient medical care, who need to undergo 14-day self-isolation, but there is no way to provide it at home without exposing the people living with them to infection.

You may notice that I usually get news from RIA Tomsk. It covers news from the Tomsk region. The next one is about the town of Seversk, which is located near Tomsk (15 km). This is a closed town. You need to have a special permit to get there.

On Monday, the official opening of the launch of a new project – the unique BREST-300 reactor plant-took place in Seversk.

Since 2011 Rosatom has been working on a  project to create a closed fuel cycle technology.

At the Siberian Chemical Plant (SHK) in Seversk,there will be a pilot demonstration complex (ODEC), which will include three industrial facilities that have no analogues in the world: a module for the production of uranium-plutonium nuclear fuel, the BREST-300 power unit and a module for the processing of irradiated fuel.

They say that the safety level of the complex and the reactor actually excludes accidents. 

I really want to believe in the safety level of the new reactor. Especially after the nuclear accident that happened on April 6, 1993. It was awfully scary.

My family in Tomsk  is doing fine. 

The oldest son went on vacation with his girlfriend. No details, just photos. They both are vaccinated.

The youngest one started a new job at the garage. He is a good auto mechanic. But he doesn’t want to be vaccinated now. For some reason he is waiting for the wave of COVID-19.

My sister and her husband are afraid of vaccines. So, they’re waiting for something too.

I cannot understand their motives, cannot convince them either. I can only hope and pray. 

After a few cold and rainy days the weather is getting warmer there. 72°F sounds really comfortable to me. 

And the most important news is about me…

On Friday (June 25), I held my first talk show on zoom. 

Of course, it turned out imperfectly. I sometimes looked the wrong way, then scratched the back of my head or touched the microphone, creating unpleasant sounds, or I couldn’t find the right words out of excitement. My guest and I, both Russian speakers, held a talk show in English. 

The guest, Ingrid,  asked to add Russian subtitles to the video. I had to figure that out, and I did it.

But she’s doing great! Firstly, she agreed to the adventure, and secondly, she made a transcript and translation of the meeting. Third, she posted everything on her FB page, and now she “fights back” in the comments. The girl is engaged in creating computer games, her info is below the video on YouTube.

And we will be shown on the local TV channel, it’s creepy.

There is a link. But if you don’t like the Russian accent, don’t go there. 

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