Trust as an engine of progress

“You drive a nice, cheap car,” Daniel said when I pointed out a peculiar sound when the car stopped. 

He’s right, the car is good and cheap. He also wanted it to be reliable. Therefore, we bought it from a dealer, while overpaying. 

But then I did not understand much (all these unnecessary additional insurances, which do not give any advantages), I just trusted my husband.

For some time now, I have been convinced that trust is the engine of progress.

Just think of Cecilia Bertha Benz. The wife of the famous car builder Carl Benz.

On August 5, in her husband’s car, but without his permission, she made the world’s first motor rally. With her two sons, aged 13 and 15, she drove more than 100 km from Mannheim to Pforzheim, Without a fuel tank and with only a 4.5-liter supply of gasoline, she stopped at pharmacies to buy the ligroin necessary for the car to work. At that time, petrol could only be bought from chemists.

According to the official version, she wanted to visit her mother. In fact, her goal was to instill in her husband the confidence that his invention of the car type “Motorwagen” has a future. Her idea was a success.

The whole of Germany learned about this trip. Photos of Bertha and Carl Benz’s car hit the pages of many newspapers. It was this act of his wife that brought Benz fame and success.

And it all started before the marriage. Back then she invested part of her dowry in the bankrupt company of Carl Benz. After becoming a wife, she lost the right to act as an investor. But she continued to help her husband in inventing and improving the designs of the first horseless carriages.

In 1886, Benz introduced the first patented Motorwagen car to the world. It was a Model 1. The following year, Benz created the Model 2 Motorwagen, which had several modifications. On the Model 3, Berta made a rally, demonstrating the feasibility of using a “Benz Motorwagen” for travel.

Brave and smart. She informed her husband of everything that had happened along the way, and made important suggestions.

Her trip proved to the burgeoning auto industry that test drives are essential to their business.

In 1925 Carl Benz wrote in his memoirs: “Only one person remained with me in the small ship of life when it seemed destined to sink. That was my wife. Bravely and resolutely she set the new sails of hope”.

“Yes, you’re right,” I told my husband, listening to the sound of my car. 

After years of relying on nothing but myself, it’s hard to turn off the “trust but verify” reflex. But I’m trying. And Daniel, too. He stopped asking me WHAT I put in the food. 

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Author: Elena

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