Vacation in Washington, DC

The longer I don’t write, the harder it is to start a new post.

Worrying about how good or bad (sad) a topic of the post is, I forget that my blog is about me and my life in immigration. Technically, I can write anything. Realistically, I may lose my 23 subscribers.

But I will take a risk. 

Here we go…

How was your vacation?- people. 

Wonderful! I couldn’t wait to get home – I.

Both statements are true.

In the last week of September my husband and I went on vacation to Washington, DC. For the whole 5 days (minus 2 on the road) away from New Bedford, our jobs, our dog and routine.

Daniel booked a package (flights and hotel) online using priceline. It had its pros and cons. Not because of using that website, but because tickets and hotel were booked together. 

I have booked a Crackle’s “hotel”. We dropped him off on our way to the airport. Crackle was not thrilled about going there, but It is a very nice and safe place with caring and reliable people. Crackle doesn’t like it because he gets washed there. And he doesn’t like being wet. 

Anyway, we made it to Washington, DC. And checked into the hotel. The hotel was…weird. It was not bad but not too great either. 

The hotel was just a place where we could rest our legs, charge our phones, sleep, or try to sleep and have breakfast. 

The highlight of this was the woman who took care of the breakfasts. 

It was a tall African-American, loud-speaking young (young? I believe she is younger than me) woman. She wore bright socks over her jeans and was extremely  friendly.

Her voice and socks’ color were waking me up during breakfast. For some reason, I didn’t sleep well. So during breakfasts I was still kind of sleepy. And this woman cheered me up. Or maybe her socks, LOL

Daniel and I  didn’t have an exact plan but we had an idea of what we would like to see.

Washington, DC is a beautiful city, a city of American history, a city of monuments and museums, a city of fences, parks and fountains, bicycles and scooters, and  police.

We walked, who knows, how many miles, ate several sandwiches (tasty and not), drank some beer and wine, used the taxi and walked again. I am getting tired just  thinking about it, LOL.

The weather was good but cooler than we expected. We coped with it alright by wearing the clothes we brought in our carry-ons. 

Here’s a list of places we’ve been or seen (or walked through):

-Botanical Garden of the United States of America

-National Museum of the American Indian

-Washington Monument

-Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

-Smithsonian National Museum of American History

-The White House

-United States Capitol

-National World War II Memorial

-U.S. Supreme Court

-Library of Congress

-Jefferson Memorial

-Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

-Martin Luther King Memorial

-Lincoln Memorial

-Museum of Spies

-The Holocaust Museum

And of course pictures:

Friday, September 30, we spent at the Spy Museum (3 hours) and the Holocaust Museum (2 hours). It was a rainy day, so we didn’t mind being inside. The Holocaust Museum was pretty sad. I tried not to read or look too much at the exhibition. Lately I have become very sensitive, and my tears are very close.

We didn’t take any photos from these two museums, except for a couple of photos with the names of Russian spies, which I’ve never heard of. Lol.

People say they don’t want to come home from vacations. 

I think there is something wrong with us… we wanted to go back home. By Friday evening we were ready…

We missed home-cooked meals, a goodnight sleep and our house with a night lamp. I missed my cosmetics, the convenience of home and a hot iron (I don’t iron often but sometimes I have to. Well, the hotel’s iron was barely warm. To be honest, I could iron clothes with my hand better than with that iron). Daniel, more likely, missed Crackle. 

So, on Saturday morning we were heading back home. 

We picked up Crackle on the way from the airport. He was clean, really clean, and happy to get out of that place. 

Massachusetts was wet from Hurricane Ian. 

But we returned home safely, the neighbor’s tree didn’t fall on our shed, the electricity was on, the basement was dry, tomatoes were still on the plants. I cooked right away, mashed potatoes and swedish meatballs were more than welcome. 

Who knew that I would miss my routine so much!

It’s great to go on vacation and it’s good to come home.

Daniel says it’s time to plan our next trip.

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