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My husband and I have a family saying: ” It’s dangerous to have clean windows.” 

When I arrived at Dan’s house in October 2013, my first decision was to wash the windows. I don’t know if it was an “attack of cleanliness” or an attempt to feel like a hostess in a new place. In my previous life, it was the custom to wash windows in the spring and autumn, and in the summer-depending on the window contamination and the possibility.

Window cleaning in October 2013 was our first joint housework. Daniel washed the outside, I washed the inside.

Soon after that, during lunch, we heard a loud THUMP! The bird wanted to fly through the window. Then Daniel said, “You see how dangerous it is to have clean windows.” I really felt guilty about the bird injury. To our joy, this bird wasn’t badly hurt, after sitting on the ground for a short time, it flew away. We checked.  

But every year 2-3-4 birds crash into our windows. And it does not depend on windows’ purity.

A couple of years ago in the fall, two birds, I think chicks, wanted to fly through the house. The THUMP ( or in Russian BOOM) was very loud. Certainly, the dog ran out with me outside, but fortunately did not see the birds. He’s sort of hunting dog, but first and foremost beautiful….  I quickly chased him home, put on my husband’s work gloves, and put the birds in a container with fallen leaves so that the Crackle could not get to them. After a couple of hours, the chicks recovered and flew away.

This morning as soon as I turned on the coffee maker, I heard suddenly  – THUMP! Another poor thing crashed into a window. I can honestly say that it’s the middle of winter, and my windows are dirty. I went outside without the dog, found the bird, and carried it over the fence. Then I put a piece of bread next to it and took a photo. At home, I just poured myself a cup of coffee, and BOOM!  “Birds, what’s wrong with you today?!”. I went out again, found no one and returned home. 

I was drinking a well-deserved coffee, when  saw a squirrel in the window and thought: “It’s good that squirrels ( at least local) do not fly”.

P.S. Later this morning, the bird was gone and a slice of bread too.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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