When a quantity does matter

…five-thirty in the morning, the first half cup of coffee, I scroll the FB on the phone and see a friend request from a man from Indonesia. He has 3 posts-photos: he, he and a woman in a headscarf, he and a woman in a headscarf with a child in her arms. Not a word in Russian, and only the name of the place of work in English. And … 1284 friends! 1284! I stare at the phone in surprise: how did he “make” so many friends, and most importantly, why?

I can understand why, though.

I recently saw a blog post by Britt Skrabanek. She was looking for amazing women for her podcast. Naturally, these women should achieve some success, be positive, creative, passionate about their work, and so on. And they must also have some amount of followers and the desire to share a link to the podcast with them.

In this situation, 1284 friends sounds much better than my 119.

..six in the morning, the second half cup of coffee, a plan matures in my head: what if I accept his request? And then tag his name to a couple of my posts. His friends will see my account, and maybe even send me friend requests. From time to time, my timeline will be full of photos of Indonesian men and women in headscarves with children in their arms. But the number of my friends will increase.

Tell me, how long do you think before you send a friend request?

Personally, because of my shyness, I usually hesitate for a long time. At first, I follow the person, read, and sometimes leave comments. And only then I send a friend request.

Sometimes I hesitate less than a minute.))) This is when I send a friend request to someone in the group where we are taking a course together. We’re in the same boat, as if we’re equals, so I don’t stand on ceremony, although I’m shy.

I never tried to have a large number of friends. I invite and follow relatives, friends, and those I’m interested in reading. 

And it turns out that quantity matters.

…six thirty in the morning, the third half cup coffee. I’ve made my decision!.. It’s time to start the day.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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