Working on my limiting beliefs.

Today, I came to understanding about another limiting belief that I have inspired to myself.

The story is this: a couple of years ago I learned how to subscribe to magazines for free. In fact, I’m just starting to learn (get acquainted) with American magazines. I haven’t decided yet which one I’m ready to read from cover to cover. “Good housekeeping” is the first one I signed up for and I don’t regret it. There are many useful and short articles.

This year somehow, probably without looking, I subscribed to another one –  “Traditional home”. Very beautiful magazine about home interior. I would say about the interior of large houses. I look over it and think why? Why do I get this edition if I live in a small house and can never use the ideas from it?

And then it dawned on me: why I decided that I would never need ideas from the “Traditional home”? Why do I limit myself for never having a big house? 

On the one hand, I love my small cozy home. I don’t want to live in a Palace. I would rather travel than become a hostage of a large and beautiful house ( with a mortgage and utility bills).

On the other hand, I could use a couple of extra bedrooms for guests.

But the number of rooms doesn’t matter. The matter is my belief that the interior magazine is useless to me. Why did I suddenly decide that I would never have another (bigger) home?

How many times have we heard that we need to see the positive in everything, that we need to dream and dream big? How many times have I told my friends about the pictures of dreams and that dreams come true? And then I drive myself into the framework!

Summary: first, I’m glad that I recognised my limited belief; second, I decided to take a close look at my “Traditional home” issues. 

So, let’s dream! Dreams come true! I want to have my kitchen in green colors somewhere in Finland.  

What is your dream about?

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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